The Wave of Fulfilment

Ask yourself when trade transitioned from spices to slaves…tribes to states? Consumerism!
Dfn. is a justification of self through material stuff.
You don’t need Valentines day, to love yourself more,
Everyday your human self loves self , when is the other?
You don’t need a room of shoes to justify your beauty…
Your body is unique, its beautiful.
You don’t need a tree, a horn to justify your existence
Everyday you wake up with a breath is enough to show that you have purpose.
You don’t need 1000 Facebook friends to justify your niceness,
Everyday, you cross people, have a conversations and enrich yourself
You don’t need to choose silence not to annoy others,
Everyday we choose to speak, we uneducated ourselves.
You don’t have to hold the teas back because you are in public,
Everyday in that public, theres a shoulder to cry on.
You don’t need to not intervene when someone is being cheated,
Everyday you don’t, you are an accomplice of the cheat.
You don’t need to look away when someone else is paying a bribe,
Everyday you do, you allow people to die preventable causes.
Choose honesty as your way of life,
Everyday you do, You enrich your body and soul